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New Pinkeye Strain

What is going on with this "new" form of pinkeye that we have been dealing with the last couple years? This new strain has been referred to the "sheep pinkeye" because it was originally falsely labeled by labs as Moraxella ovis. Since its original isolation in our area around 2002, the organism has been correctly identified as a distinct specie called Moraxella bovoculi... Read More

Setting Up Calves for Immune Success

What did we learn from the 2011 calving season? The main take-home message was that calves born to cows under high environmental, nutritional, and calving stress have immune systems that are not set up for success. These calves are under the influence of the stress hormone cortisol at higher levels and for a longer time. Multiple research and field studies have shown that excessive cortisol levels decrease colostral antibody absorption... Read More


Many of us know what ticks are, but what do we really know about them and controlling them? The five main tick pests that we worry about are the American dog tick, Black legged deer tick, Rocky Mountain wood tick and the Brown dog tick. These species have 2 -3 host lifecycle and a blood meal is required between each stage... Read More

BVD Test

New BVD test for Persistently Infected cattle is now available for in-clinic diagnostics. This test uses large ear notch samples, results are accurate and can be obtained the same day if needed. The main advantages of in-clinic BVD testing are savings and the ability to determine if further testing is needed quickly. We will soon be able to perform this test at Faith Veterinary Service.

Animal Identification Regulations

The regulations concerning animal identification requirements have been finalized and will be soon be released. These regulations should not affect how the producers in the state of South Dakota currently ID their cattle. On a regulatory level, the auction market veterinarians may need to implement ID requirements on cattle moving out of the state. Source and Age Verification of your calves may be more important now than ever. Check out the AgInfo or IMI Global links on this site for info on SAV of your calves. Feel free to call the vet clinic for additional SAV information.

Overeating In Baby Calves

A belly bloated and calf kicking painfully at their side is not a welcome site to most ranchers. But what causes "overeating" and how can we best treat it?

"Overeating" is the common name for Clostridium perfringens enterotoxemia. The guilty strain is most commonly type C, however types A, B, D, and E can be involved as well... Read More


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Faith Vet also offers In-House Coggins (EIA) Testing

We have a Federally approved lab with 2 accredited veterinarians that can perform the test in our lab.